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What do I need to tell the therapist?

Before arriving please indicate that you have any allergies to scents or oils and the room will be prepared to be as free from them as much as possible. Before the session begins, please specify if there are any parts of your body you don’t like being touched (ie: if your feet are ticklish or you don’t like your head massaged). During the massage be sure to speak up if you are too cold or hot and if the pressure is too deep or not deep enough. This is your time on the table, make sure you are enjoying it.

Can I ask questions or do I have to be quiet?

At any time you can ask questions. The first few minutes will consist of some questions about your goals of the session but conversation is client driven. If you want to chat, we can chat. If you want a quiet session, just say you want a quiet session.

What do I need to wear or do I have to be naked?

Come as you are. You will be left in the room alone to undress to your level of comfort. That means you can take it all off or leave your underwear on. You will be under a sheet the whole time and only the area being worked will be exposed.

Do you offer two treatments at the same time or couples massage?

No, unfortunately it is a comfortably small room with one treatment table.

What if I am pregnant?

No problem! Be sure to tell me! If you have had complicated pregnancies in the past or are having a high risk pregnancy, please check with your doctor first. Otherwise, sideline maternity massage techniques are used and you should be feeling less achy and de-stressed when you walk out the door.

Do you work on kids or teens?

Yes! It is recommended that children ages 6-14 receive treatments under 30 minutes. It is required that the child’s guardian remain in the treatment room the entire session and a release form is signed before treatment.

How often should I get a massage?

You can get massage as often as you like, I recommend at least once a month. If you have an issue to resolve, getting massages closer together would be more beneficial. Bare minimum, get yourself a masssage once a season. Getting wellness treatments are no longer an indulgence, they are preventative and a healthy addition to living a balanced life.

What length of time for massage should I book?

90 minutes is ideal for both specific work and relaxation results. 60 minutes is great for either deep relaxation or specific work on 2-3 zones on the body. 30 minutes is a good place to start if you are unsure about massage or only need 1-2 zones on the body such as just your feet or just neck and shoulders.

Can I get a massage if I am sick?

Nope. As stated in the policies page, getting a massage if you are sick, is not advised. You will often feel worse and potentially bring your germs and spread them. Please stay home if you are not feeling well.

Will getting a massage hurt?

You always have control of the pressure, so be sure to speak up and ask for more or less pressure. Some areas of the body can be more sensitive than others and depending if you have being doing more than you normally do, you will be more sore in the tired overworked muscles.

Will I be sore after massage?

Sometimes. It will often feel like post workout soreness. You should feel better by the next day or sometimes two days later at the most. Usually most people feel no pain after a massage, just better than when they came in. 

Is there a place for my spouse/friend/child to wait while I get my treatment?

You've earned this. Have them meet you when you are done.

However, there is a quiet shared lobby one can wait in if they need to.

Is there parking?

Yes! There is plenty of room for parking. 

Do you take Walk-Ins?

No. Please text or email to book an appointment. 

Do you take Insurance?

No. Check with your insurance provider to see if they will take a receipt for your treatment if you submit it to them. 

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